What’s the difference in Volvo truck fault codes?

Two things:

  1. For the last 15+ years, Volvo has made it possible to easily see truck fault codes from a display inside the cab of the vehicle.
  2. Starting in 2013, Volvo changed the way their truck fault code naming scheme to P,B, and U codes. Volvo trucks from 2012 and before use the more commonly seen SAE-defined codes that use MIDs, SIDs, PIDs, and FMIs. (We actually went into more detail on this in a recent blog post.)

Volvo Truck Fault Codes, 2012 & Older

Here we see the display of a 2010 Volvo truck displaying fault code SA 0 SPN 4094 FMI 18. The display reads “See Owner’s Manual for fault descriptions,” which is commonly found in older Volvo Trucks.

However, with Diesel Laptops’ Truck Fault Codes module – included in Diesel Repair – you don’t have to rely on the owner’s manual. The Truck Fault Codes module includes both a description of the fault code and quick repair information.

Diesel Repair Pro users can also access Step-by-Step Troubleshooting for this and many other Volvo Truck fault codes.

2013 & Newer Volvo Truck Fault Codes

In model year 2013, Volvo Trucks switched to a specialized OBDII form-factor diagnostic port. Volvo also began using more traditional OBDII codes often called “P-Codes.” In the image above, we see a late-model Volvo Truck displaying fault code P24F813.

Volvo’s newer OBDII format codes are indexed in Diesel Repair, along with symptom descriptions. This information can be found with a quick and easy search on Diesel Repair’s Truck Fault Codes module.

A common problem with diagnosing Volvo fault codes happens when using generic scan tools or Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Both of these device types automatically read SPN and FMI fault codes on 2013 and never Volvo Trucks. Problematically, there is no known translation table for P-codes.

Need to diagnose 2013 and never Volvo fault codes?

Diesel Laptops’ Diesel Decoder includes “one tap” from fault code to P-code repair information archieved in Diesel Repair.

Final Thoughts

Diesel Laptops’ Diesel Repair platform has ALL known Volvo fault codes documented and indexed to make it easy to find exactly the repair information you need. Diesel Repair’s Volvo fault codes database includes EVERY make and model of both Volvo Trucks AND engines. 

Best of all, Diesel Repair can be acccessed through mobile app or mobile-friendly website. 

Free users can view complete fault code quick repair information while paid subscribers get information and detailed step-by-step service and repair instructions. 

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