Accelerate Your Repair Process with Precision Part Search

Diesel Repair Software introduces a revolutionary feature designed to transform the efficiency of your repair process. With our advanced measurement-based part search, mechanics and repair technicians can now locate part numbers and detailed information using only the measurements of the part. 

Find Parts By Measurement

Part search by measurement feature is part of our commitment to providing you with the most robust and accurate repair information database in the world. This game-changing feature eliminates the guesswork and frustration often associated with part identification, allowing you to speed up repairs and get vehicles back on the road faster.

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Are you ready to get started with Diesel Repair? Dive into the most robust and accurate repair info in the industry. Getting started is easy. Start with our FREE plan, or go straight into our unlimited plan, Diesel Repair Professional. Sign up today!

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Key Benefits

Precision and Accuracy

Quickly find the exact part you need with precise measurement inputs.


Time-Saving Efficiency

Reduce downtime and enhance productivity by swiftly locating the right parts.

Enhanced Repair Quality

Ensure correct part replacement to improve overall repair quality and vehicle performance.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use search function designed for mechanics and repair technicians of all skill levels.

Need Help Getting Started?

Getting started with Diesel Repair is a breeze! Whether you want to dip your toes for free or dive right into our unlimited plan, we've got you covered. From symptom-based troubleshooting to equipment fault codes, parts information, and more, our easy-to-use platform is your ultimate resource for all things diesel repair. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust Diesel Repair for their heavy-duty repair needs.

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