Labor time guides for commercial trucks are often needed. Repair facilities need to know how many labor hours it takes to perform jobs so they can quote and invoice customers reasonably.

Customers who own trucks, often need to know how long a job should take to complete so they can decide to do it themselves or outsource. They may also want to verify that a repair facility isn’t overcharging them for repairs.

Accurate Information Right in Your Hands

The Truck Labor Times module inside Diesel Repair is built just for this exact reason. We’ve also made our labor time guides even better than what you may have experienced in the past, along with industry-vetted labor time guide reviews.

While most other labor time guides are very generic, ours is not. For example, other labor time guides don’t take into consideration of the vehicle year or specific engine and cab configuration. They will give you a flat rate for removing and replacing a clutch with some potential add-ons, which means you may be quite off on the actual time it takes. With Truck Labor Times from Diesel Repair, we made our information VIN specific.


Auto-Populate with Vin Decoder

With Truck Labor Times, customers will either need to enter a VIN or select the vehicle manufacturer, model, year, and engine configuration. In this example, we VIN decoded to auto-populate the fields.

We then select a major category, which has all the top-level components of a commercial truck listed.

The Industry’s Most Accurate Estimates 

This is the view that allows users to filter down to the exact component they are looking to retrieve a labor time for. We also give customers three labor times. We believe that not every vehicle is created equal, or operates in the same conditions.

For select labor times, we also have a button that will highlight the title “Add Ons”. These are additional labor operations you may or may not need to perform the requested repair.



We believe our Truck Labor Times to be complete for heavy-duty commercial trucks, and more importantly, very consistent and precise. Diesel Repair operates under a freemium business model, which means you can view several labor times each month for free.

Does everything it says it should”

★★★★★ -Allen G.