The Most Precise Truck Labor Time Projections in the Industry

Give your customers competitive quotes and air-tight invoices with the industry’s most thorough labor time guides.

VIN-Specific Labor Time Guides

Most labor time guides are broad and generic. They don’t consider details like the vehicle year, the specific engine, or cab configuration. They provide a flat rate for removing and replacing components… and almost always miss the actual time required. We made our labor time information VIN-specific, so you know exactly what you’re working with– and how long the work will take.

More Competitive Quotes, Less Contested Invoices

Our detail-intensive labor time guides have all the information you need to make your quotes the obvious choice– and back it up with solid numbers when payment is due.

Add-On Repair Times

Fast & Easy Search Results from VIN Decoder

High Times, Average Times, and Low Times

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Our VIN-based search engine lets you find exactly the information you need in seconds, including high-time estimates, average-time estimates, and low-time estimates, as well as potential add-on time for additional repairs.

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