Wiring diagrams for commercial trucks can be difficult to find. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t make them easy to obtain, often hidden behind paywalls or expensive software packages. Adding to the complexity is that each manufacturer has a different standard for wiring diagrams, which means they use different colors, icons, and symbols in their diagrams.

Detailed Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams cover all aspects of the commercial truck, including engine, cab, chassis, ABS, transmission, and other related components. Users can also easily save the PDF for offline viewing purposes as well. The image above is a Wiring Diagram for a Cummins ISL engine, made as detailed as possible to make repairs easy! Users gain access to all pages and obtain many options to store all needed data within a few simple clicks.

Detailed Component Locator Views

Accessing Wiring Diagrams allows you to gain access to as much detailed information as possible to get repairs done quickly and easily. Our module not only includes detailed wiring diagrams but users also gain access to detailed visualizations of component locators to make life easier for you. Our detailed images cover all angles and views of components to ensure repair is made easy for you.


Diesel Repair is committed to providing high-value, accurate repair information that is easily accessible. Wiring diagrams should follow that same logic, along with being easy to read and understand. Diesel Repair is a freemium model, which means all users can download a number of wiring diagrams and component locators for free. Paid users can receive unlimited. Register for your free account and start downloading content!


It has everything you need on your phone if you need to look up anything in a hurry and find out the information you need to chase down wires or find out what different part numbers are.

★★★★★ – Randy H.

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