“I think it’s a great product for us in the in-house repair side”


Scott R.

“Provides me with all the information I need to work in the workshop”


Manuel R.

“Every time I have used Diesel Repair, it has pointed out the issues pretty quickly”


Mike G.

“Saves money and tells you everything you need to know”


Christopher M.

“Excellent product, it is very user friendly"


Sanford M.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

We use Diesel Repair every day, gets the trucks in and out of the shop quicker.

Ken M.

It is literally the most helpful thing I have ever had.

James J.

Easy to use platform, from tablet to phone. Always has the info I need right at hand.

Kal J.

Whenever we use this site it has always had the information we’ve needed.

Scott H.

I think its a great product for us in the in-house repair side.

Scott R.

Excellent product, it is very user-friendly.

Sanford M.

Provides me with all the information I need to work in the workshop.

Manuel R.

Every time I have used Diesel Repair, it has always pointed out the issues pretty quickly.

Mike G.

Saves Money and tells you everything you need to know.

Christopher M.

You can’t get this information from the OEM.

Kyle K.

Helps me get my fleet back on the road. Less downtime.

Paul W.

Useful diagrams and repair info.

Kenny B.

I love the parts lookup function!

Wayne A.

Its a one-stop place where you can look up anything you need.

Randy H.

I use it for equipment repairs.

Peter R.

Makes my job a lot easier.

Troy S.

Overall easy to use.

Chris S.

Helpful Repair Information.

James G.

Effective Wiring.

Tony G.

Information provided and abilities are spot on.

Troy Z.

I like the program, I use it for working on dump trucks.

Taylor J.

Great product,and great customer support.

Ken W.

Has everything you need on your phone. You can look up things in a hurry like chasing wiring or finding what different parts numbers are

Randy. M

Does everything it says it should.

Allen G.

Its a great resource for hard to identify brake shoes!!!

Wayne P.

Great System.

Chris H.

Works great and good support.

Bill S.

Good Repair Info.

George S.

Extremely good and knowledgeable people.

Joe H.

Ease of use. Can watch videos if I can’t remember where I need to get to.

Ray S.

It works and its very easy to use.

Kent T.

It levels the playing field for small fleets against the control of dealers.

Peter S.

The software is very good and the support I get when I call is outstanding!!

Shawn H.

So far so good.

Theodore J.

This has good troubleshooting information.

Mike F.

It is a good tool.

Richard P.

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