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Welcome to Diesel Laptops Business Solutions, your go-to partner for optimizing parts management and achieving significant cost savings. Leveraging our powerful Diesel Repair software, we provide tailored solutions for larger repair businesses, fleets, and enterprises. Our comprehensive services are designed to streamline operations, enhance inventory accuracy, and deliver substantial ROI.

Business Solution Analysis

Inventory Analysis

Between bosses that demand bigger margins, constant interruptions from co-workers, and thousands of parts manufacturer websites to sift through for good deals, it can be a nightmare to manage your inventory – much less find the best parts for your clients.

Watch this short video to learn how our Inventory Analysis tool can save you time and money…and make your boss happy too!

Mass Cross

Whether you’re bidding on a new client or seeking out competitive parts alternatives, doing a mass cross can take hours or even days of time to complete – and you’re potentially missing out on thousands of parts!

Upload your spreadsheet to us and we’ll generate a list of crosses in as little as a few hours, while you get back to more important tasks.

Part Number Cleanup

Every manufacturer has their own naming conventions, so it’s a challenge knowing exactly what’s on your shelves.

Our automated cleanup tool makes it easy.

Upload your inventory, and we’ll send back the clean database you can use to search your inventory, spot duplicates, and standardize your warehouse.

What Does It Fit?

With Diesel Repair, you can say goodbye to slow manufacturer websites, inexperienced counter clerks, and busy phone lines.

Find the right parts fast with our intuitive search, comprehensive listings, and multiple pathways to find what you need, even without a VIN!

Compare Manufacturers

It’s no surprise that truck manufacturers use some of the same parts. What is surprising is how many of them end up on your shelves! Quickly compare any manufacturer against another to gain a competitive advantage, raise prices, and clear inventory for other items to stock.


A fleet without a standardized process can quickly become a nightmare to manage. Get back on the right foot with our standard VMRS coding solution. Just upload your data and we’ll provide a spreadsheet with standard VMRS.

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