Technical Repair Docs is the module on Diesel Repair that gives you access to a library of PDFs that contain technical information to repair a commercial truck. The Technical Repair Docs section has been carefully organized to allow easy navigation so that you can quickly find the repair information you are looking for.

Repairs Made Easy

Technical Repair Docs includes over 100,000 documents that contain information such as:

  • Remove and Replace Instructions
  • Maintenance Intervals
  • Engine Specifications
  • Torque Specifications
  • Recalls
  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)


Organized and Easy

The Technical Repair Docs section has been carefully organized to allow easy navigation so that you can quickly find the repair information you

Remove and Replace Instructions

Remove and Replace Instructions give you detailed, step-by-step information on how to properly disassemble and assemble a variety of components on today’s heavy and medium-duty commercial trucks. These step-by-step directions will give you hand-drawn images by the Diesel Laptops team, along with torque specifications, safety tips, and other related information so you can quickly and easily make repairs.

Maintenance Intervals

Maintenance Intervals for commercial trucks are often hidden in a variety of sources, such as websites, PDFs, or even owners’ manuals. The Diesel Laptops team has taken the time to locate all the known maintenance intervals for commercial trucks. These tables will tell you how often components on your truck need to be inspected, maintained, or even replaced proactively. The manuals follow the same guidelines that are recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Engine Specifications

In the repair process, you often need to know certain engine specifications. While this information is usually buried in a service manual (which themselves are often hard to locate), we’ve taken the time to create clear, easy-to-read specification tables that are quickly located.

Torque Specifications

Our Torque Specifications section has been carefully curated by our team at Diesel Laptops to provide you with an easy way to view all the torque specifications for your specific vehicle. You can now save yourself the time of not having to search through 1,000+ page documents and have the information quickly assessable. We provide the Torque Specifications in both metric and imperial format when possible.

Technical Service Bulletins

Our database also contains Technical Service Bullets (TSBs) that are direct from the OEMs. These are informative bulletins that the OEM has decided need to be released to the public. This is usually information that the manufacturer has learned about once the vehicle has been sold to customers and are in use in the real world. Our database contains tens of thousands of these PDFs.


Starting in late 2021, the Diesel Laptops team has been loading up the recall information from heavy and medium-duty commercial truck manufacturers. The PDFs we’ve put together are the actual correspondences between NHTSA and the OEMs, along with detailed information on the Year/Make/Model affected, details of the Recall, and repairs required by law. This includes both vehicle and part recalls. This information is uploaded weekly, with content ranging from model year 2000 to current.

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The Technical Repair Docs section on Diesel Repair contains hundreds of thousands of documents, plus content is added each week. You can view weekly progress by clicking the notification icon in the upper right corner once you are logged in, and will then be able to view detailed information on all the updates we are making to the Technical Repair Docs section on Diesel Repair.


Diesel Repair operates under a freemium model, which means that free users can view the entire menu structure of Technical Repair Docs for free, along with several free downloads each month. Diesel Repair does offer paid plans to allow for you, and your entire shop, to have unlimited downloads each month.

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