Customer Connect

Bring new customers into your shop with just a few clicks! Our Customer Connect module in Diesel Repair makes it easy to find potential customers by connecting you with fleets, dealerships, independent garages, towing services, and more. You can make new connections in just a few minutes.


YOUR Diesel-specific search engine

Customer Connect is a diesel-specific search engine designed to pinpoint live local results for dealerships, fleets, independent garages, towing services, and truck repair. 

You are able to search by zip code, state, proximity, or service type. The search brings up the most relevant, up-to-date information within seconds and helps connect you to new potential customers for your business.

Find Exactly What You are Looking For

Our Diesel-Specific search engine is designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Search by Fleet from 10 miles to over 200 miles away and choose how big of a fleet you are looking for. Search by Dealership, and get the option to choose which specific manufacturer you are looking for. Search by Truck Repair and choose whether you want an independent garage, mobile, or truck stop. Whatever you need, we have made sure our search engine will find exactly what you are looking for.

Pinpoint Live Businesses Near You

Our Diesel-Specific search engine allows you to search by map or satellite views to help find exactly what you are looking for. Found a business you are interested in? Our search results provide the address, website link, contact info, and more! We also allow you to search by street-view to see the business structure live on the map. Our search engine makes it extremely easy to pinpoint anything you need in a few simple clicks!

We Got You Covered

Searching for a specific manufacturer dealership? Want to find companies with massive fleets? Do you want to find various truck repair businesses around you? We got you covered! Our search engine has every search option available to ensure you will find exactly what you need.

Check out some of the search options you will be able to find:



Isuzu Trucks


Mack Trucks


Volvo Trucks

Western Star

Fleet Sizes








Truck Repair

Independent Garages


Truck Stops


Access customer connect and so much more today!

Diesel Repair operates under a “freemium” model, which lets users view all of the content included for free, as well as several free downloads each month. As part of this freemium model, Free users get two (2) Customer Connect searches each month. Diesel Repair does offer paid plans to allow for you, and your entire shop, to have unlimited searches each month.


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