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No check engine lights… No obviously failed components… Nothing seems to be wrong… but there’s blue smoke coming from your exhaust.

Where do you start?

With Diesel Repair’s easy-to-use Symptom-Based Troubleshooting search engine, you can find the solution and get quick information on what’s causing the issue, steps to diagnose, and instructions on what to do next… FAST.

Diesel Repair Symptom Based Troubleshooting

All Solutions to any Symptoms

Using our easy-to-use search menu, users can quickly find the solutions to their symptoms. Get information such as possible causes and steps to diagnose each problem.

From Novice to Expert, Troubleshooting Made Easy

Our Symptom-Based Troubleshooting index was developed and organized by Diesel Laptops’ subject matter experts and written so that every user can understand what to do and how to get it done.

You can even Print or Save repair documents for when you need them.

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Solutions to Symptoms in Seconds

Get lightning-fast results for all solutions to any symptoms your vehicle may display. Get access to quick information such as what is causing the symptom and how to diagnose it. Print or Save repair documents for later retrieval.

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