In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to find the parts you needed– and it definitely wasn’t quick.

Then Diesel Parts made it possible to find exactly what you were looking for with intuitive search, comprehensive parts listings, and multiple pathways to the parts you needed, even if you didn’t have a VIN!

If you’re a Diesel Repair subscriber, you might not know it, but you already have access to Diesel Parts AND its wide range of modules, including: 

  • Parts Cross-Reference – Take advantage of the industry’s largest HD parts database to cross-reference any OEM or aftermarket part. Over 2 million parts and 10 million crosses available!
  • Exploded Views – Find any part you need, even without a VIN! Our intuitive guided search and detailed exploded view diagrams make it easy to quickly find and confirm which parts you need.
  • Component Search – Starting with component groups, this tool rapidly narrows down your search based on component types and manufacturers.
  • By Measurement – Identify thousands of HD truck components by measurement with this industry-leading tool.
  • Used Components – We’ve partnered with TPI to give you the best selection of used engines and transmissions available on the market today.
  • What Does It Fit? – It happens all the time– somehow you end up with a random truck part on your shelf. You’re not sure what it fits, but you know you need it gone! What if you could put that part number into a website and find out exactly what makes and models it fits? This does that, in seconds.

Now Diesel Parts (and all its pieces) is merging with the main menu inside Diesel Repair. All part of our continued effort to give you instant access to our vast library of repair information: wiring diagrams, fault code step-by-step directions, remove and replace information, and more. 

Sign in to your Diesel Repair account now to take a look!

We’ve also put together a short video showing how the new Diesel Repair menu – with Diesel Parts included – works:


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