MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information is a pay-only platform that contains repair information on commercial trucks. We are often asked how it compares to our Diesel Repair, so we put together this review of MOTOR FLeetCross Repair Information so that potential users can have a more in-depth look at their platform.

MOTOR FleetCross Truck Repair Business Model

MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information is only available with either a monthly or annual subscription. Currently, it costs $1,150 per year, or you can purchase it for $106 per month. This does not include labor time guides, which bumps the price up to $158/month or $1,708 per year once included.

Our Diesel Repair platform operates on a freemium model, which means users can sign up for free. Free users are allowed unlimited lookups on quick repair information for fault codes, plus 2 downloads per month of wiring diagrams, labor time guides, technical documents, and other information. Plans start at $49.99 per month for Standard, which gives you detailed step-by-step directions for fault codes. The Professional plan is $249.99 per month which gives you unlimited access to information.






Screenshot of MOTORS FleetCross Repair Information Pricing from Feb 26th, 2022

Accessing MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information

The MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information is only available on a PC, and you must download a special program onto your PC. This program was built over a decade ago and hasn’t received much attention since then. It is not accessible via Macs, Android, or Apple devices.


MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information User Interface


Diesel Repair was built with today’s modern technology. This means the platform is responsive, so you can use any of today’s supported browsers, which includes Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Since it has a responsive interface, that means it scales properly for all devices including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Diesel Repair also has a native Android app as well.


Diesel Repair user Interface Built on Modern Technology

Coverage – Overview

At the heart of any repair platform is the coverage the vendor provides. While we will drill into the details of that, it is important to first look at the global coverage.

The most glaring issue with MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information is that there is zero coverage for International Trucks and Engines. This is due to a legal issue from several years ago. MOTOR was illegally scanning OEM documents and placing them on the platform without permission. Part of the settlement with Navistar was that all product information had to be removed, from both the online platform and their physical books.

Another item that is noticeably missing is a VIN decoder. This is an important tool, as users often aren’t 100% certain of the correct year, engine configuration, or even vehicle model. Even more so, you want to be able to enter a VIN or Year/Make/Model and then quickly find your information.

Diesel Repair has both of those components. Besides having complete coverage for North American models, you’ll find an integrated VIN decoder. This tool allows you to easily enter a VIN then “one-click/tap” to instantly view fault codes, technical documents, and other information.



Once a VIN is entered, users can one-click or one-tap to VIN-specific repair information on Diesel Repair.

The other large issue we have with MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information is that it is not easy to locate your information. For example, we selected a 2019 Freightliner M2 with a DD5 engine. It then populates Relevant Vehicle Systems, but they are improper. It lists Air Bags for a Dodge RAM 4500 & 5500, as shown in this image:


Selecting a vehicle configuration appears to not actually filter down to relevant information.


It just isn’t this one field; it is virtually everything. More examples of repair information based on the selection on a 2019 Freightliner M2:

  • AC In-Vehicle Service information shows for a Bering Truck.
  • Drive Axle & Transmission repair information shows over 30 selections, most of which are impossible to have been installed on a 2019 Freightliner M2 truck. The list includes Aisin Transmission, Clark Transmission, Meritor/ZF Transmissions (Discontinued decades ago), Renault Transmission (European), and many more.
  • Emissions section shows Fiat, John Deere, Revcon, Deutz Diesel, and many more that are never installed on this truck.
  • Available wiring diagrams show Bering and Scania, neither of which this truck is.

Viewing Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) shows 31 different ones but none of them apply. They are showing ones related to DT12 transmissions mainly, and most of those are before this truck was even manufactured. The DT12 also isn’t installed on the M2, as it is only available for the Cascadia.


 MOTOR FleetCross Repair Information showing TSBs that don’t apply to this vehicle.

In general, the platform appears to not filter or do much when you make an actual selection.

Coverage – Remove & Replace Instructions






For this comparison, we looked at the Cummins X12, which has been one of the most popular engines over the last several years. We looked at the cylinder head instructions in MOTORS FleetCross Repair Information first, which shows us this information:


It contains 38 steps, with only 3 images present. When viewing these images, to our surprise, it appears that MOTORS took images right out of the OEM manuals, which is the exact legal situation they got into trouble with Navistar on. It even contains the Cummins logo, which we are fairly certain MOTORS doesn’t have permission for.


It is our belief that eventually other OEMs will follow in Navistar’s footsteps and pursue legal action against MOTOR.

To compare, we look at the remove & replace instructions inside Diesel Repair. Our document is a 16-page PDF with original artwork, plus contains much more detailed information. It is important to note that the abbreviated version shown through MOTORS FleetCross Repair Information is also missing critical information. For example, cap screw (Head bolt) #27 is not reusable and a new one must be purchased. Our information clearly calls that out, along with more detailed information such as torque specifications (which are missing from MOTORS FleetCross).


Sample of an X12 Cylinder Head instructions from Diesel Repair

Coverage – Fault Codes


Diesel Repair is a freemium model, which means you can signup for an account today without entering any payment information and you will be able to access free repair information, downloads, document lookups, and more!