Kenworth Truck Company is an American truck manufacturer owned by PACCAR. Its history dates back to 1912 and is known today as one of the premier truck manufacturers. This blog post will cover all models of Kenworth Trucks since the mid-1990s that are in operation in North America.

Our data is backed by our Diesel VIN Decoder, which decodes millions of VINs yearly. This data is analyzed to re-create the same model years as the truck manufacturing years.
Note that model years and the actual manufacturing year are often different. Most times, the model year is one year from the manufacturing date. The next model years typically come out in February or March of the previous year. This means a truck built in April 2022 is typically a 2023 model year. The years given here are model years, not the manufacturing years.

The other essential item is that we do not include gliders in our year ranges. Gliders are trucks built either without engines or with remanufactured engines. This was a loophole around emission-related truck engines for several years before it was closed by the government, and gliders were no longer allowed.
Kenworth C500

The Kenworth C500 is a model that most Kenworth customers are not familiar with. It is a low-volume production truck built for only the most challenging off-road applications., often made with twin steer axles, double or triple frames, and horsepower ratings to 600 HP. These trucks are also often exported to other countries. The Kenworth C500 was introduced in 1972 and is still used in manufacturing today.

Kenworth C500

The Kenworth C500 is a model that most Kenworth customers are not familiar with. It is a low-volume production truck built for only the most challenging off-road applications., often made with twin steer axles, double or triple frames, and horsepower ratings to 600 HP. These trucks are also often exported to other countries. The Kenworth C500 was introduced in 1972 and is still used in manufacturing today.


Kenworth K100, K100C & K100E

The K100 was introduced in 1961 and was the company’s long-haul, over-style commercial truck. It was released simultaneously as the W900 but eventually discontinued in 2002. With the changing laws to length restrictions on commercial trucks, demand for the cab-over style ceased in North America. This truck is still manufactured today but used in other countries such as Australia. The K100 began production from 1961 through 1967, the K100C from 1968 to 1983, and the K100E from 1984 to 2002. Each new version had slightly upgraded features.

Kenworth K260 & K360

In the model year 2007, Kenworth brought the K260 & K360 to the United States market based on the DAF LF model truck. These trucks were re-marketed as the K270 & K370 in 2013. These were under-CDL trucks that primarily ran the Cummins ISB engines. The K260 was a Class 6 truck, while the K360 was a class 7 truck. Both trucks based on the DAF LF55, which had received European Truck of the Year honors. These trucks were discontinued after the model year 2012 and sold in low volume.

Kenworth K270 & K370

The Kenworth K270 & K370 replaced the K260 & K360 starting with the model year 2013. These trucks meet the new EPA requirements starting with EPA13, and all units ran the PACCAR PX7 engine. The K270 was for Class 6 operations and the K370 for Class 7 operations. Customers could pick from several different Allison Transmission options, with manual transmissions, not an option.

In September 2020, Kenworth announced that these trucks’ electric versions are now available starting with the model year 2022. Aptly named the K270E and K370E, only a handful mentioned in this blog post.

Kenworth T2000

With manufacturing starting with the model year 1997, the Kenworth T2000 was Kenworth’s answer to a fleet-efficient commercial truck. Not meant to compete with the T600 and W900; it was the first brand new truck design from Kenworth since 1961. In the model year 2010, this truck ceased production. Designed for aerodynamics and comfort for drivers, that allowed for a 75″ sleeper ordered with it.

Kenworth T300

With the model year 1995, Kenworth introduced their first ever conventional model medium duty truck. However, it could also order as a lightweight class 8 truck. The Kenworth T300 model ran until the model year 2016. You will find the entire lineup of under 10 Liter engines installed in the Kenworth T300, such as the PACCAR PX8, CAT C7, and Cummins ISB, to name a few. The T300 was replaced by the T370 when it was launched with the T170 and T270 starting with the model year 2008.

Kenworth T400

The original Kenworth T400 released in 1988 as a class 7 & 8 commercial truck designed for use as a single axle day cab, a tandem axle sleeper, or even a dump truck. It was discontinued after the model year 1997 but brought back to life in 2010 with the T440 & T470. The T400 was a lighter-duty version of the Kenworth T450.

Kenworth T450

The Kenworth T450 manufacturing began in the same period as its little brother, the Kenworth T400, from 1988 to 1997. This truck had a larger bumper back of cab measurement, could take larger engines, and was meant to be a rugged class 8 commercial truck.


Kenworth T440

In October 2009, Kenworth announced that the Kenworth T440 was now available on the same platform as the Kenworth T470. Orders would start with the model year 2011. The Kenworth T440 was a heavy class 7 vehicle or a light class 8 truck. The Kenworth T440 intended for regional haul, city pickup, various municipal applications, and vocational duties. Other features included multiplexed dash, Kenworth Driver Information Center, and extended day cab configurations. The Kenworth T440 discontinued after the model year 2021.

Kenworth T170, T270 & T370 

Introduced for the model year 2008, Kenworth brought an entirely new lineup to their medium duty offerings. The Kenworth T370 (Class 7 that could be spece’d up to a baby 8), Kenworth T270 (Class 6 truck that also had an electric hybrid option), and Kenworth T170 (Class 5 commercial truck). This new lineup of trucks only came with PACCAR PX7 or PX8 engines and was available with Allison automatic transmissions or Eaton manual shifts. These trucks were all discontinued after the model year 2021.


Kenworth T180, T280, & T380

All four of these trucks were announced on the same day in April of 2021 and became available starting with the model year 2022. These are the upgraded versions of the Kenworth T170, T270, & T280. It was PACCAR’s time to double down on medium-duty commercial trucks as they’ve seen their market share grow. New features included more versatility, more leisurely drive, and the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission. The lineup included new bumper-to-back of cab measurements and hood types to help the various applications.

Kenworth T470

In June of 2009, Kenworth announced that the Kenworth T470 was now available for the model year 2010. The truck was an upgrade to the T400, made for vocational or regional hauling. The first version only had the Cummins ISL 9 liter, but future versions allow for more engine options. The T470 was discontinued after the 2021 model year and replaced by the T480.
The Kenworth T470 and Kenworth T470 were very similar to each other. The main difference was that the T440 could have both extended cabs and a smaller sleeper option, while the T470 could only do an extended cab.

Kenworth T480

Announced in April of 2021 with the new medium-duty lineup, the Kenworth T480 is a lightweight class 8 commercial truck released as a Kenworth T480V with a more sloped hood. Engine options include the PACCAR PX7, PACCAR PX9, or the Cummins L9N (Natural gas). It comes standard with the PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission.

Kenworth T600

Brought up in 1985, the manufacturing of the Kenworth T600 lasted for decades. It had a set-back steer axle and a sloped hood line. This combination helped with aerodynamics, fuel economy, and maneuverability. Its success would force other truck manufacturers to replicate it, with style being referred to as “Anteater” due to how it looked. The Kenworth T600 was built through 2006 and became replaced by the Kenworth T660 for EPA07 emissions. There were several variations of the Kenworth T600 through the years, as the T600A was from 1990 to 1994 and the T600B from 1995 to 2006. Each generation brought several small changes such as redesigned mirrors, grill changes, and other changes to reduce wind drag.

Kenworth T660

The Kenworth T660 replaced the Kenworth T600 for the model year 2007 and would continue manufacturing up through the model year 2017. The Kenworth T680 was waiting for its replacement. The Kenworth T660 intended to meet the new emission requirements and redesign the hood and cab. It brought modern styling and enhanced features such as multiplexed wiring, GPS navigation, new driver info displays, onboard diagnostics, and more.

Kenworth T680

Announced in 2012 and available for the 2013 model year to meet EPA13 emissions, the Kenworth T680 replaced the Kenworth T660. In 2021, Kenworth truck announced the Kenworth T680 Next Generation. Kenworth focused on improving powertrain efficiency with the EPA21 PACCAR MX13 engine, added fully integrated solutions such as their TruckTech+ services and digital mirrors, and made the truck easier to service and repair.


Kenworth T700

The Kenworth T700 was announced in March of 2010 that the Kenworth T700 would be available for sale starting with the model year 2011 and would replace the T2000. This extended the lineup of aerodynamic class 8 trucks for Kenworth. At the time, it was the most aerodynamic truck available from Kenworth. The truck was available with the Cummins ISX15 or the PACCAR MX13 engine. The Kenworth T700 was retired after the 2016 model year.

Kenworth T800

In 1986, the T800 released. It adapted a sloped hood line and set-back front axle designed for heavy-duty operations. The Kenworth T800 has a one-piece hood design, while the Kenworth T800 has a 5-piece hood design.

Kenworth T880

In March of 2014, the first Kenworth T880 was delivered to a customer a model year 2014. The Kenworth T880 is a rugged and dependable vocational truck that fits various applications and is still manufactured by Kenworth today. You can order the truck with a Cummins X15 or PACCAR MX13 engine. It is an upgraded version of the Kenworth T800, with newer features and design. The significant difference between the T800 and T880 is that the Kenworth T880 has a cab that is about 8″ wider and has a one-piece windshield. The T880 also has the same cab as the T680. The T880 is a little larger and rides a bit smoother. The Kenworth T880 became the 2015 Truck of the Year by the American Truck Dealers (ATD).


Kenworth W900

The W900 is the owner-operator truck for Kenworth. Introduced in 1961, the W900 model still exists today. From 1961 to 1966, it was the “narrow hood,” and then the W900A was produced from 1967 to 1982 as the “wide hood.” In 1982 Kenworth released the W900B but later dropped it to call it the W900. They also released the W900L in 1989 (Extended Hood) and W900S in 1987 (Sloped hood). The Kenworth W900 looks similar to Peterbilt with a square, long-nosed hood. The W900 is still manufactured today as the W900L model.

Kenworth W990

Introduced in the 2019 model year, the Kenworth W990 compliments the W900L. Its styling is more contemporary than the W900L, using the same cab as the T680 and the T880 on-highway models. The cab is wider than the W900L, and the hood is also 1.5″ longer. We guess the W900L will go away at some point, and the W990 will replace it in the lineup. The truck allows for an order of a PACCAR MX13 or MX11 engine, plus it contains all the latest technology and services from Kenworth.



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Model Year Started Year Ended Weight Class
C500 1972 Current Class 8
K260 2007 2012 Class 6
K360 2007 2012 Class 7
K270 2013 Current Class 6
K370 2013 Current Class 7
K270E 2022 Current Class 6
K370E 2022 Current Class 7
T2000 1997 2010 Class 8
T300 1995 2007 Class 7 & 8
T400 1988 1997 Class 7 & 8
T170 2008 2021 Class 5
T270 2008 2021 Class 6
T370 2008 2021 Class 7
T440 2011 2021 Class 7 & 8
T450 1988 1997 Class 8
T470 2011 2021 Class 7
T600 1985 2006 Class 8
T660 2007 2018 Class 8
T680 2013 Current Class 8
T700 2010 2016 Class 8
T800 1986 Current Class 8
T880 2015 Current Class 8
W900 1961 Current Class 8
W990 2019 Current Class 8
T380 2022 Current Class 7
T180 2022 Current Class 5
T280 2022 Current Class 6
T480 2022 Current Class 8

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