In July, we added new repair information and upgrades to our database. We continue to work on new features and modules soon to be released on our Diesel Repair platform.

Our new updates further ensure your technicians can perform repairs less costly and timely. 

Check out what is new this July and how Diesel Laptops continue to provide the most accurate and reliable repair information in the market today!

New Repair Information

This month, our dedicated team added over 26,000+ documents. These documents include repair and replace instructions, torque specifications, technical service bulletins (TSBs), and more. We also added over 50,000+ new graphics across 174,500+ new pages. All this and even more technical repair information can be found in the Technical Repair Documents module on Diesel Repair. 

New repair information is added weekly on our Diesel Repair platform to ensure you have the latest, most advanced, and accurate repair information in the market today!


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