We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with IPD (Industrial Parts Depot, LLC), the leading supplier of high-quality replacement engine replacement parts. IPD has been working with independent engine rebuilders to make high-quality engine parts for diesel and natural gas engines since 1955.  

Recently, IPD has announced the birth of a company called IDS (Industrial Digital Solutions), which has been formed to simply and intelligently connect assets with owners, managers, and service channels to increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and prevent downtime.

IPD has announced they’ve created this new division to focus on all things technology and digital. 

Diesel Laptops Role

IDS is partnering with Diesel Laptops as their technology provider to deliver the easy-to-use interface that provides a simple solution for immediate diagnostics on your smartphone or tablet.

IDS is excited to have Diesel Laptops as their technology partner for their first product, TruckRx, which will be launched in April. Our technology and repair information at Diesel Laptops will assist IPD’s customers, while also providing the data and insights to help improve products.


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About TruckRx

Vince Barbarie, IDS’s Chief Technology Officer sums up how TruckRx works: “Just plug the TRX-Link device into a diagnostic port and it sends fault codes and what parts are needed to fix it. The truck driver can email fault codes and productivity reports to service providers via the TruckRx mobile app.” TruckRx works with all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks.

TruckRx app will be available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Those interested in learning more about IDS and their first product TruckRx can visit www.idsrx.com  or email info@idsrx.com  


Come See Us Soon

We originally met the crew at IPD two years ago at HDAW in Texas. We are very excited to officially begin this strategic partnership and we look forward to the future of this industry!

HDAW is the premiere event focused on all things heavy duty truck parts, which is a $34 billion a year industry. Today, we see software technology becoming the main focus and the future of the industry.

We are excited to announce that we are attending several more trade shows this year including  TMC, ATD, MATS, and more. Be sure to stop by our booth and see us if you’re attending!



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