International Trucks, now owned by Traton, has a long history. Founded in 1902 by the merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine and the Deering Harvester Company, the company has produced various products ranging from farming equipment to refrigerators to pickup trucks to commercial trucks. Over the last 30 years, they have built many different International truck models, which this blog post will cover. We are skipping over military trucks, empty chassis, and bus applications, as this post intends to cover commercial trucks.

Our data is backed by our Diesel VIN decoder, which decodes millions of VINs yearly. This data is analyzed to re-create the same model years that trucks were manufactured. 

Note that model years and the actual year of the truck’s manufacturing are often different. Most times, the model year is one year from the manufacturing date. The next model years typically come out in February or March of the previous year. This means a truck built in April 2022 is typically a 2023 model year. The years given here are model years, not the year of the truck’s manufacturing year.

The other essential item is that we do not include gliders in our year ranges. Gliders are trucks built either without engines or with remanufactured engines. This was a loophole around emission-related truck engines for several years before it was closed by the government, and gliders were no longer allowed. 

International Truck 4000 Series

The International 4000 series covers the medium-duty truck line from International. They came out in several generations:

  • International Truck 4700/4800/4900 from 1995 to 2002 (Generation 2)
  • International Truck DuraStar 4200/4300/4400 from 2002 to 2020 (Generation 3)

The Generation 3 models included the new multiplex wiring, cab ECMs, and a more aerodynamic look and ended up being the best-selling medium-duty commercial truck of the era.

International Truck 4700

Starting in 1995, the International Truck 4700 was a popular medium truck used in hundreds of applications. These are the standard medium-duty trucks with a single drive axle that usually had bodies mounted to the frame rails, such as box trucks, crane trucks, smaller dump trucks, tow trucks, and other applications. These conventional model trucks came with the well-known International DT466 7.6L engine, but customers could upgrade to have the DT530 8.6L engine for several years. The International Truck 4700 was last produced in 2002 when it replaced the next generation of cab design.

International Trucks 4800

This truck was the big brother to the International 4700, as the International Trucks 4800 was the 4×4 version. These were often a heavier spec and could be “built up” to a class 8 truck if the customer desired. However, it was still only built with the DT466 & DT530 engines, which have smaller liters and horsepower than the normal class 8 trucks. If you compare it to an International Trucks 4700, you’ll note the International Trucks 4800 cab sits higher off the frame rail. The International 4800 had the same date range as the 4700, ceasing manufacturing after the 2002 model year.

International Trucks 4900

The International Trucks 4900 was a heavier duty version of the 4700 & 4800. This version had heavier/thicker frame rails and came with air brakes. You could also order it with two drive axles to make it a 6×4 configuration while the other sister models could not. Essentially the International Trucks 4700, 4800, and 4900 all had the same cab and were built during the same years. The difference comes down to specifications that drive vehicle weight ratings and applications.

International Trucks DuraStar 4200

The International DuraStar 4200 replaced the 4700. IT came only equipped in single-drive axle configurations, and the only engine available was the VT365 6.0L, more popularly known in the Ford models as the PowerStroke. Depending on the configuration the customer ordered, this truck could be called a Class 5, 6, or 7 weightings. The DuraStar 4200 was last built for the model year 2007, presumably due to the more stringent emission requirements that International needed to meet.

International DuraStar 4300 

With the other trucks in the DuraStar series, the International DuraStar 4300 came out in 2002. The truck initially was only offered with the International DT466, but later, the MaxxForce DT and MaxxForce 7 added along with the popular Cummins ISB 6.7. This truck was only available with a single drive axle, as customers needed to upgrade to the 4400 to get the second drive axle if required. The International DuraStar was the most popular truck in the DuraStar series. The truck last produced for the model year 2020.

International DuraStar 4400

The DuraStar 4400 is the largest of the DuraStar family. You could order it with more significant horsepower, larger axles, and heavier suspension, which meant you could get it to a 6×4 configuration in a class 8 weight rating—the larger engines, such as the International DT530, International N9, and the Cummins L9. The truck last produced for the model year 2020.

International PayStar Summary

The International PayStar series is well known for its ruggedness and history in the commercial truck market. With originations to the first generation starting in the 1970s, the PayStar had several changes along the way, and sub-models came and went. A customer’s exact model needs depends on axle ratings, engine requirements, gross vehicle weights, and other factors. Each had slight differences designed to provide maximum value to the owners. While the cabs were the same across the models, the hoods often had different looks.

International PayStar 5500i

Also making its debut in 2000, the International PayStar 5500i had more of a square nose and a set-forward axle than its PayStar cousins. This model was also available up through the model year 2014. Through the years, you’ll find common Caterpillar and Cummins engines installed, along with the International MaxxForce in the last year or so of its life.

International PayStar 5600i

The International PayStar 5600i featured a setback front axle with a front bumper with two sharp angles. The PayStar 5600i made its debut around the model year 2000 and was in production through the model year 2014. With the long production run and through several emission years, you’ll find this truck with a vast range of engines from Cummins, Caterpillar, and International up to the MaxxForce 11 10.5L engines.

International PayStar 5900i

The International PayStar 5900i came out a little later than the 5500i and 5600, as the first model came out in 2001. This version was also a setback axle, but the hood had a more aerodynamic look. The International PayStar 5900i was the only series to survive past 2014, as it made it through the model year 2017. Up until the model year 2009, the PayStar 5900i was only available as a set-forward steer axle. 

International 8000 Series

The 8000 series trucks used the same cab as the 4000 series trucks. The International 8000 series intended for tractor configurations, which meant they had a 5th wheel. The 4000 series allowed owners to mount equipment onto the frame rail behind the cab. The TranStar lineup would eventually replace the 8000 series.


International 8100

Debuting in 1990, the International 8100 used the same cab as the International 4700/4800/4900 models. The International Trucks 8100 was designed more for tractor/towing applications and could accommodate larger engines (Such as the Cummins M11) if the customer desired. With that said, you could make all four of these trucks identical if a customer wanted to. It also was put out of production starting after the 2003 model year. This truck most commonly had a single drive axle but could be ordered in a 6×4 configuration.

International 8200

The slightly larger International 8200 had the same production run as the International 8100 from 1990 to 2003. These trucks more commonly had dual drive axles and could handle larger engines such as the Detroit Diesel Series 60 11.1L. This model came with a setback axle, which made for different uses versus the International 8100.

International 9000 Series

The 9000 series was the traditional lineup of class 8 trucks for International Trucks. There were several models from 1998 through 2017, including the 9100, 9100i, 9200i, 9400i, 9900i, and 9900ix.


International 9100 & 9100i

Starting with the model year 1998, the International 9100 made the scene. Sharing the same cab as the Paystar/5000 series of the time, the 9100 (for years 1998 & 1999) and 9100i (years 2000 through 2003) intended for regional use. The 9100 came only as a day cab configuration and class 8 truck. It was powered by the 10-to-14-liter engines of the time, with the largest being the Cummins N14.

International 9200 and 9200i

The International 9200 was the first 9000 series to enter the market in 1994. The 9200 was the sleeper version of the 112″ bumper to the back of the cab, which meant a tighter turning radius and a setback steer axle. The 9200i introduced in the model year 2000, which replaced the 9200. It carried all the standard engines, including the Cummins N14 & ISM, Caterpillar C12, and Detroit Diesel Series 60. Later models included the latest emission engines, such as the Cummins ISX and Caterpillar C13. It was retired after the 2005 model year.

International 9300

This truck replaced the International 9370 for the model year 1990. It was the first time a setback front axle configuration was offered from International, with the standard set-forward also available. These trucks had pre-electronic engines such as the Caterpillar 3406, Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L, and Cummins NT855. The truck had a squarer nose feel that fit with owner-operators.

International 9400 & 9400i

Debuting in 1990, the International 9400 was the first aerodynamic cross-country truck built by International. It featured a more extended bumper to the back of a cab at 120″ and was renamed the 9400i for the model year 2000. It had the same cab as the 9200 series and the same engine options. Future years included new features such as side skirts. International also released special editions such as the 9400 Midnight Eagle Limited Edition, including leather interior and wood dash panels.

International 9900, 9900i, & 9900ix

Aimed towards the customers wanting the “long and tall” trucks, the International 9900, 9900i, and 9900ix pulled owner-operators’ heartstrings everywhere. Replacing the International 9300 for the model year 1999, the 9900 & 9900i offered a 120″ bumper to the back of the cab, and the long-nose truck provided all the most significant engines of the era, such as the Cummins NT855, Caterpillar 3406, and the Detroit Diesel 60 Series. It was available as a sleeper or day cab. The International 9900i replaced the 9900 with the model year 2000. Then International 9900ix was also introduced with the model year 2000 and featured a mind-blowing 130″ bumper to back of cab for the owner operator that wanted to stand out. The International 9900ix was also only offered with premium Eagle trim. These trucks lasted in the market through the 2018 model year.

International HV Series

Starting with the model year 2019, the International HV series entered as the severe duty service truck for International to replace the PayStar series. With sub-models of HV507, HV513, HV607, & HV613, the International HV series which intended for the most rugged applications. Even though it only offers two engine choices for heavy-duty applications, the International A26 and the Cummins L9, the truck can be built to handle numerous applications, including dump trucks, mixer trucks, crane trucks, and more. The truck can also be made with the medium-duty Cummins B6.7 engine for lighter use cases. The truck can be ordered with a 5th wheel, but it is rare. 

To decipher the different sub-models, you can use the chart below.

  Axle Configuration BBC in Inches
HV Series 5 = Set Back 07 = 107”
6 = Set Forward 13 = 113”


To translate, an HV507 would be an HV series with a setback axle and a 107″ bumper to the back of the cab.

HX Series

The HX Series of trucks was released to replace the WorkStar series. Released for the model year 2017, the HV severe-duty vocational truck looked almost exactly like the WorkStar models. However, inside the cab and under the hood had many changes. New engines, such as the Cumming L9 and B6.7, were now offered, along with the new International A26 engine. The interior was copied from the previously released International LT and RH, which had vast improvements in comfort and ergonomics. The HV series is a model that sits between the HX and the DuraStar (Which became the MV series). The truck had sub-models such as the HX515, HX520, HX615, & HX620. The models broke down as follows:

  Axle Configuration BBC in Inches
HX Series 5 = Set Forward 15 = 115”
6 = Set Back 20 = 120”


International LoneStar

Built and marketed to owner-operators, the International LoneStar replaced the 9900i/9900ix series starting with the model year 2014. The LoneStar brought a hood and grill combination never seen before on a commercial truck, and it leaves no doubt that it is for those wanting to stand out. While it originally came with both the MaxxForce 13 & MaxxForce 15, it is not only available with the Cummins X15. The LoneStar is alone, the only “star” truck model still available today.

International LT625

The International LT625 is the only model currently offered in the LT series by International. It comes as a 125″ bumper back cab and is available as a day cab and sleeper with 56″ and 73″ sleeper options. This is the fleet truck of International meant to compete with the Freightliner Cascadia and the truck that replaced the ProStar. Today’s models offer both the Cummins X15 and the International A26. The truck was first offered in the model year 2018 and is still available today.

International MV607 & MV60H

The International MV607 is the direct replacement of the DuraStar line and is available mainly as the MV607. The MV60H is a low-profile version of the MV607 but rarely manufactured. The MV607 appeared in the model year 2019 and is still in production today. You’ll find it with either the Cummins L9 or B6.7, and it marks the first medium-duty International Truck *not* to have an International engine option. The truck is predominantly a class 7 vehicle, but customers can order it with specifications that occasionally move it up to a class 8. This truck fits various applications such as bucket trucks, boom trucks, snowplows, utility vehicles, van bodies, and towing applications.

International ProStar

The International ProStar was the replacement for the 9000 series and would become the ATD Truck of the Year in 2014. The truck was originally released for the model year 2008 and built through the model year 2018 when the International LT series replaced it. The International ProStar would become the center of attention and lawsuits following the MaxxForce debacle.

International WorkStar Series

The International WorkStar series consisted of the WorkStar 7300, WorkStar 7400, WorkStar 7500, and WorkStar 7600. These trucks intended to handle various applications such as towing, fire & rescue, construction, mixer trucks, and many more. They could order as day cabs, extended cabs, or crew cab configurations. Depending on the application’s requirements, each International WorkStar had several differences.

  • International WorkStar 7300 = Only available with the smaller liter engines such as the Cummins B6.7, International DT466, and International MaxxForce DT. It was also only available as a single axle.
  • International WorkStar 7400 & 7500 = These two models could be spece’d almost the same, but the 7400 was meant to be slightly “lighter duty” than the 7500. The WorkStar 7400 sold about three times as often as the WorkStar 7500. Both engines have a wide variety of engines available in the 9 to 10-liter area. Trucks could be class 7 or class 8.
  • International WorkStar 7600 = Built only as a class 8 option, this model was built with the 12-to-13-liter range of engines.
  • International WorkStar 7700 = This model was only available for a couple of years and was essentially the same as the WorkStar 7600.

The entire series of WorkStar came out for the model year 2012 and were built through the model year 2020 when it was replaced with the HX & HV series.

International TranStar 8500 & 8600

The International TranStar is a regional haul tractor that came in the model year 2003 and produced through 2018. It had a setback steer axle and 50-degree wheel cut, which was common for these model trucks. What separated it from everyone else was that it had a 107″ bumper to the back of the cab, which was the shortest time. The truck was available to order with the medium-duty engines of the time, such as the Caterpillar C12 and Cummins ISM. Later models included the MaxxForce 11 & 13, then the International N13 engine.

International TerraStar

International wanted to enter the class 5 vehicle market, and the TerraStar was its answer. International engines dominated this market already thanks to their deal with Ford on the PowerStroke, but the TerraStar was their answer to the truck side of the equation. Built only with their MaxxForce 7 engine, it was first available in the model year 2012. This truck was about the same size as a Ford F550. The TerraStar had the same cab as the DuraStar, but the International TerraStar ceased production after the model year 2017. It was mainly because the International MaxxForce 7 discontinued.

International CityStar

This truck was a joint venture with Ford called Blue Diamond. Ford sold the truck as the LCF, while International called it the CityStar. This truck had a short life span, as it was only sold from 2006 through 2009 due to the low sales volume. It was also the only truck produced by the Blue Diamond experiment. The truck was only available with the International VT275 engine.

International RH Series (RH613)

With only one model, the RH613, the International RH series replaced the TranStar lineup as the regional haul tractor, which is where the acronym RH comes from. It can be ordered as a day cab or with a 56″ sleeper. It Features a 113″ bumper to the back of the cab. The truck first entered the market in the model year 2018. The truck is only available with the newer International A26 engine. The International RH series has the newest safety equipment, such as the Bendix Wingman system. It also had a redesigned interior that improved driver comfort and other various changes to save on fuel economy.

International CV Series (CV515)

The International CV was International’s re-entry into the class 4 &5 markets since the TerraStar discontinued years earlier. First available in the market with the model year 2019, the International CV515 is currently the only model available. Since International didn’t have an engine in this range, they had to go outside to get one. They used the Isuzu/General Motors 6.6L, which people commonly know as the Duramax engine.


We realize that we aren’t perfect, and although we do our best research, we mess up. If you disagree with any data or facts, let us know! We also love hearing our customer’s stories and thoughts about the various International Truck models produced in the last 30 years, so make sure to leave a comment!

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Model Year Started Year Ended Weight Class
4700 1995 2002 Class 5-7
4800 1995 2002 Class 6 & 7
4900 1995 2002 Class 7 & 8
8100 1990 2003 Class 7 & 8
8200 1990 2003 Class 7 & 8
DuraStar 4200 2002 2007 Class 5
DuraStar 4300 2002 2020 Class 6-8
DuraStar 4400 2002 2020 Class 6-8
PayStar 5900i 2001 2017 Class 8
PayStar 5500i 2000 2014 Class 8
PayStar 5600i 2000 2014 Class 8
9100 1998 1999 Class 8
9100i 2000 2003 Class 8
9300 1990 1999 Class 8
9200 1994 1999 Class 8
9200i 2000 2005 Class 8
9400 1990 1999 Class 8
9400i 2000 2005 Class 8
9900 1999 1999 Class 8
HV Series 2018 Current Class 7 & 8
HX Series 2017 Current Class 8
LoneStar 2014 Current Class 8
LT Series (LT625) 2018 Current Class 8
MV Series (MV607) 2019 Current Class 6-8
ProStar 2008 2018 Class 8
WorkStar 7300 2012 2020 Class 7 & 8
WorkStar 7400 2012 2020 Class 7 & 8
WorkStar 7500 2012 2020 Class 7 & 8
WorkStar 7600 2012 2020 Class 8
WorkStar 7700 2012 2020 Class 8
TranStar 8500 2003 2018 Class 7 & 8
TranStar 8600 2003 2018 Class 7 & 8
CityStar 2006 2009 Class 5
RH Series (RH613) 2018 Current Class 7 & 8
CV Series (CV515) 2019 Current Class 4 & 5

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