Nowadays, you tend to only find Detroit Diesel engines in Freightliner and Western Star trucks, but over the last few decades, they’ve found their way into virtually every commercial truck– most notably Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, and Sterling.

Detroit Diesel fault codes found in popular engine models include:

  • DD13
  • DD15
  • DD16
  • DD5
  • DD8
  • Series 60 11.1L
  • Series 60 12.7L
  • Series 60 14.0L

Though emissions years have changed, Detroit has largely kept its engine naming scheme intact. However, these engines do have different emissions levels, including EPA04, EPA07, EPA10, GHG14, and GHG17. In this naming scheme, the numbers represent the year of manufacture, while GHG stands for Greenhouse Gases.

Detroit Diesel Fault Codes Explained

In terms of fault codes, Detroit Diesel uses industry-standard SPN and FMI combinations. SPN represents the component throwing the fault code and FMI indicates why it is being thrown (over-voltage, under-voltage, grounded, etc.)

All of Diesel Laptops’ diagnostic tools can help you determine the correct fault code. Seen below is Diesel Laptops’ Jaltest tool connected to a 2011 Freightliner with a Detroit Diesel DD13 that has thrown fault code SPN 411 FMI 4.

The one notable standout is older engines (pre-J1939) that utilize a different naming scheme for fault codes. These engines will have a 6-pin connector in the truck and use PIDs and FMIs, PIDs being the older equivalent of SPNs.

Detroit Diesel Fault Code Repair Information

With Diesel Laptops’ extensive Truck Fault Codes module on the Diesel Repair platform, you can easily look up free repair information for every Detroit Diesel fault code possible.

In this image, we are pulling a 2011 Detroit Diesel DD13 fault code from the example above:

After finding SPN 411 FMI 4 from the list of possible codes, we see a wide range of information. Included in each fault code listing are the proper description (EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Circut Failed Low), what is required for proper diagnostics to be performed, conditions that set the code, and driver-observed symptoms.

Clicking on the Step-by-Step directions link brings us a 5-page PDF that takes us through the exact testing and troubleshooting steps for this Detroit Diesel fault code.

The “engine wiring diagrams” option provides us with a detailed, 9-page guide to locate the necessary wires.

The first screenshot above doesn’t show ALL of the information Diesel Repair recovered, but below the cut-off, you will also see Conditions for Clearing the Code and Possible Causes for This Fault Code listed in the Diesel Repair module.

Diesel Repair stops at nothing to give users everything they need to find out exactly what is wrong with a truck or engine and get it fixed right the first time. Users can click on the Parts selection tab and get a detailed list of parts needed for any given repair, including cross-references and links to purchase the items needed without having to leave the Diesel Repair platform to look for them

Final Thought on Detroit Diesel Fault Codes

Thanks to Diesel Repair it has never been easier or more efficient to find the diagnostic fault codes and repair information for Detroit Diesel engines. Every Detroit Diesel engine fault code is cataloged on the platform… and you can find exactly what you need now by signing up for Diesel Repair for FREE.

As new engines, models, and fault codes are released by Detroit Diesel, the team at Diesel Repair will make sure you always have everything you need, with regularly updated content and the industry’s deepest archive of repair information.