Looking to connect with Truck Repair Shops, Independent Garages, Fleets, Towing Services, and more? You’ve found the right place!

You may know where you’re going, but what about all the places along the way?

When everyone has the world wide web on their phone, it should be easier than ever to find exactly the information you need, when you need it. But we all know there are a lot of miles between “should be” and “is.” Sometimes Google doesn’t even know where to begin… and you don’t have time to check its work. Especially not when it’s supposed to be quick and painless.

Customer Connect: Bringing Pros Together, Wherever They May Be

At Diesel Laptops, we’ve taken out the middle man and developed a one-of-a-kind diesel-specific search engine to bring you exactly the information you’re looking for, no matter where you may be. Customer Connect does all the work so you don’t have to – pinpointing live, local results for dealerships, fleets, independent garages, towing services, and truck repair shops.

Diesel Repair users get exclusive access to Customer Connects focused search results. Just log into your Diesel Repair account and search for exactly what you need by zip code, state, proximity, or service type. The most relevant, up-to-date information populates in seconds.

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Free Searches

Customer Connect is available at every level of the Diesel Repair platform: Free, Standard, and Professional. Diesel Repair operates under a “freemium” model, which lets users view all of the content included for free, as well as several free downloads each month. As part of this freemium model, Free users get two (2) Customer Connect searches each month they are a member. Paid plans allow users unlimited access to all of Diesel Repair’s resources.

  • FREE The smart way to evaluate everything Diesel Repair has to offer, including the VIN decoder, diagram lookups, and Customer Connect. The FREE Plan is perfect for evaluating the Diesel Repair platform to ensure it’s right for your needs.
  • STANDARD- membership allows access to everything on Diesel Repair. Users get the VIN decoder; the Diesel Dictionary; two (2) wiring diagrams; two (2) technical repair documents; two (2) symptom-based troubleshooting guides; two (2) labor time modules; and two (2) Customer Connect searches each month.
  • PROFESSIONAL- provides unlimited access to all of the resources available from Diesel Repair. Users can access as many wiring diagrams, technical repair docs, and symptom-based troubleshooting guides as they need each and every month. Users also receive unlimited Customer Connect searches each month they are a member.

Connect with Truck Repair Shops, Fleets, Garages, and More Today!

Want to find out more about how to connect with fleets, independent garages, towing services, and truck repair shops?

To find out more about Customer Connect and Diesel Repair, visit https://repair.diesellaptops.com/pricing/. Use coupon code REPAIRPRO30 for a FREE 30-day trial of the top-level PROFESSIONAL plan.

Customer Connect from Diesel Repair: There when you need it, wherever “there” may be


Diesel Repair is a freemium model, which means you can signup for an account today without entering any payment information and you will be able to access free repair information, downloads, document lookups, and more!