Do you know what an AAT is?

What about a banjo? (No, not the musical instrument.)

A cornbinder?


The Complex World of Commercial Trucks

The commercial truck industry has its own language, complete with acronyms and jargon. As the industry and the words used to describe it continue to evolve, it’s almost impossible to research diagnostic tool capabilities, decipher a wiring diagram… or even read a blog post without coming across something you can’t immediately define. How many of the following terms do you know? 

  1. Aftercooler
  2. B50
  3. Cheater bar
  4. Pintle hook
  5. Tier 4
  6.  VGT
  7.  Wiggle wagon

If you don’t know all of these terms, you’re not alone. But you can bet someone does. Would you know what they meant when they used them? 


Commercial Truck Repairs Made Easy

We can speak the same tongue without knowing all of the same words, but quick and easy access to accurate definitions would certainly go a long way towards making sure your repair is done right. That’s why our team at Diesel Repair has developed the Diesel Dictionary. Now you can search the Diesel Dictionary by word or acronym for FREE.

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