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At Diesel Laptops, we understand how challenging it can be to repair the heavy-duty equipment you own. OEM repair shops charge an arm and a leg, plus have access to their own proprietary software to read and diagnose fault codes. Repair and replace information is hard to find, and nobody seems to have all the information in one place…until now!

Repair Information Wherever You Are

Our Diesel Repair platform runs on cutting-edge web technology, so you never have to worry about updates, compatibility, or any of that technical mess.

Just open it up on your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet and it’s right there for you, 24/7/365.

Away from internet access? Just save or print the documents you need for reference in the field.


All Access to Instant Repair Information on Mobile Devices

Discover the powerful time and money-saving tools that come with the Diesel Repair app.

Truck Fault Codes

We have all known diagnostic fault codes for commercial trucks from when ECMs were first introduced all the way up to the current year and models.

Wiring Diagrams

Color-coded, high resolution diagrams help you fix the problem fast. Don’t know where the wires are? Our component locators help you find where on the vehicle they’re tucked away.

Symptom-Based Troubleshooting

Enter your symptoms and quickly access possible causes as well as steps to diagnose and repair the issue. Print and save the details for easy retrieval. 

Technical Repair Docs

Millions of tech repair docs filled with engine specs, torque specs, maintenance intervals, remove and replace instructions, recalls, and much more.

Truck Labor Times

Accurately quote high, average, and low labor times with our software that takes into consideration vehicle year, engine specs, and cab configurations. 

Testing Procedures

Our database of complete testing procedures includes tools needed, detailed testing instructions, and anything you need to know before you start. Crafted by the experts at Diesel Laptops, these procedures guide you through any fix. 

VIN Decoder

Our VIN decoder provides over 20 points of data for any VIN you throw at it including engine model, engine capacity, vehicle year, and much more. Decode your VIN and then easily one-click to wiring diagrams, fault codes, and tech docs for your vehicle.

Equipment Fault Codes

Diagnose and repair your heavy equipment with Equipment Fault Codes. We cover thousands of ECUs from every manufacturer to bring you the most complete fault code database available today. 

Diesel Dictionary

Next time someone mentions they operate a wiggle wagon or asks you to take a look at the pintle hook, look it up on the Diesel Dictionary for a quick and easy way to see what they’re talking about.

Customer Connect

Quickly find potential customers in your area in just a few simple clicks. Search by zip code, state, distance range, type of customer, and fleet size and instantly find customers near you!

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Wow!!! I cant believe all this information in an app. App, book pc or anywhere. Youve outdone yourselves. Thank you


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Excellent Service! GLOBALLY Recommended Worldwide.


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Love the app keep up the good work guys!!?


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Great app saves time and resources thank you developers


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Very helpful. Works great


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Very nice shop to go to Just nice


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That’s an awesome app


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Easy Tap To All The Repair Information You Need

The Diesel Repair mobile app has every feature and module that is available on our desktop version. For the first time in industry history, users can now find all the repair information they need wherever they are, 24/7/365. Download our app today and have decades’ worth of heavy-duty maintenance knowledge right in the palm of your hands.

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Diesel Laptops is a leading innovator in the diesel diagnostics and repair industry. We provide hardware and software tools empowering users to diagnose and repair their equipment any way they choose.


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